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Unique luminaries

Inspiration: HISTORY

Ranko Skansi --> principal designer | Tomislav Lisak --> Principal craftsman

From the very first moment, when man got his own space to live in, some lighting was possible, just to prolong the day. This was the time when he already conquest the fire, and he was able to use several types of fuel for his luminaries. Another component that man always used in his home was wood. We thought that those two elements might be great for lighting elements of modern home, too.


What is most important of all is that a man get used to the wood easier than to the other materials. That's why we create unique luminaries made of wood, in different sizes, shapes and types of wood.

Materials that we use are precious wood, metal, glass and stone. Only then one might be sure in what he might expect out of production. From other hand, such a selection lasts forever and never disappoints nobody. The value is always growing, but the charm remains like first day.

We dispose with most advanced technology, that could perform at the highest level to obtain best possible results. As our creations are an original, and it takes time to finish it with care, you are asked to have patience, because there's no good-fast-cheap combination in our shop. This is just impossible!


Our designing department works very hard to invent various types of luminaries. In really rare cases, we fulfil our clients request to make some replica, but this is more exception than a rule. We cherish original design and precious wood, metal and stone combination. With most recent LED light sources, we manage to create very sympathetic results.


All of our luminaries are made with extreme, attention so the precision is really present in all aspects.

Dream of Light

Inspiration: TECHNOLOGY

Ranko Skansi --> principal designer | Valent Kresonja --> Principal craftsman

When someone needs straight, minimalistic design, based on modern materials (metal, glass, concrete) we respond to this request like with a magic stick. Our heads are full of ideas, and no matter what material should be used, the result always came out, on the great satisfaction of the client.


To work with some material, one should know that material up to the most minor detail. The same goes for the tools and procedures. In our workshop only experts might survive, and our filter is really complex. We offer the places only for the finest craftsman and design experts.

We will be more than happy to talk to you and explain better what we are capable of. The only thing we ask from you is to have faith, and to be sure that our product might make you one and only among your friends and even better.

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