Light Design

Private spaces

Light Design - Private spaces

Light design is not selling the luminaries. This is the process when one should understand the client, his needs and possibilities. Sometimes we are talking about very simple solutions. Sometimes it takes time to create illumination atmosphere according to the client requests. In lot of cases, some, unique luminaries should be made (so huge knowledge in lighting components is needed). Sometimes investor should do some minor modifications in his ambient, before we create adequate lighting possibilities, and only then we do implement luminaries, carefully studied and selected among thousands of available products on the market.

Light in your living room or your bathroom is the only subject that can create your feelings, and let you relax after a busy day. Although in your office, lighting might force you to work, at your home it has to make you relaxed and joyful.

It doesn't take a lot of money to create a place of pure hedonism in your bed or in your armchair. Just carefully selected types of lighting and number of light sources will do.

Light Design

Public spaces

Light Design - Public spaces

The most difficult spaces to illuminate and design at all, are public spaces. The reason is because different type of people fluctuates there. Young to old, employed to freelancers, conservative to modern, and so on. For that purpose, architectural elements, furniture, colors and lighting has to fit all of them. Even here, our huge knowledge in psychology, human needs, behaviorism, ergonomic borders and other disciplines comes to the face of light. We are able to fulfill everybody's needs even if they are not investors. Hire us to discover how we do it.

What we offer you is to color your city through lighting game that changes common buildings into unforgettable lighting sculptures. Just call us and we will think about it for you!

Light Design

Business spaces

Light Design - Business spaces

Talking about business spaces, we have to mention offices, hotels, restaurants, recreational & wellness areas and so on. Every one of those has the accurate propositions how to design and illuminate it so people will feel relaxed and joyful. Such a task is quite complex, since one shall think about all the possibilities before performing the best possible results, weather we talk about getting a service (hairdresser, wellness, hotel, restaurant...) or giving one (hotel).