Interior design

Pure hedonism

Light design is an integral part of interior design

Architecture have to be in function of people. Lighting also. Only that might result in correct result for the people who will occupy the space. For them to feel great, weather they are working or just living in that space.


We discovered that there's no difference between interior design and lighting design, since both have been carefully imagined obtaining best outcome.

Even if you ask someone where would he rather live? In the space furbished by great furniture and bad lighting or bad furniture and great lighting? Only about two percent of people will decide for the first solution. And that is expected, because we know about absolute relations (shown on the following diagram).


When we created our first interior space we did it by combining readymade furniture, decorations, wall colours, floor finish and ceiling adaptations together with great lighting solution. We even produced special luminaries based on client's requests and we obtained astonishing result. After that interior, we did twelve more, only because first client recommended us further. We never asked for better publicity!