With a view to become the most promising architectural and interior design lighting farm out there, LUMIGEA was founded by renowned lighting architect Ranko Skansi at the beginning of the millennium. Today, LUMIGEA has achieved its initial goal and created an international position of its own.

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From Croatia to all angles of the world, we make some trace. A lot of our satisfied clients can guarantee that we always understand you and your needs. Our knowledge and experience is our main tool.


We equip interiors for private homes, restaurants, bar or office spaces, industry and shopping malls. Our philosophy is that there's NO LESS IMPORTANT CLIENT. All of our clients deserve same professional approach and service.


Our specialty is the light magic, a continuous game between light, shadow and color. If you need absolutely unique and personalized light magic, never seen before, contact us and check what we can do for you.

Interior Design

Our core business

Experts in Interior Design

When we start to explore possibilities for the Interior Design and Lighting, first we have to know our investor completely. Only then we have complete input data to start creating our results, discussing with investor some of our solutions for his space. After agreement, we create the ultimate plan for the complete interior design, all elements included.

Be unique!

However your space is

Be unique!

LUMIGEA can produce a unique luminaries and furniture based on precious wood, metal and glass, equipped with highest quality LED sources and gear.
We do produce unique number of pieces (prototype originals), based on your or ours design. Just ask for our possibilities and have faith, because at the end, your satisfaction will be second part of our reward! The sky is limit for our products, so make your imagination fly! Take a quick look on some of our samples below.

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